A Complete Guide to Drawer and Cabinet Maintenance

Cabinets are very functional items and over time they need cleaning, maintenance, and adjustments to ensure they look and work great for years to come.  The more they get used the more they will need to be upkept. Our goal with this article is to give you the capabilities and know-how to take care of and make any and every cabinetry adjustment yourself.

How do you clean cabinets?

  • Cleaning your cabinets on a regular basis is the best way to prevent and eliminate potential damage to wood surfaces, finishes, and hardware. When you go to clean the cabinets, it is best to use a light water and dish soap solution, a soft cloth scrub and remove any dirt. Do not use harsher cleaning solutions because they will wear down the protective clear coat the cabinet and the hinges. Squeaky doors usually occur as a result of friction in the hinges. By lubricating the hinge, you can usually eliminate any friction and therefore dispel of the squeak.
  • For the doors seem misaligned, you need to adjust  to realign your cabinets, make cabinet doors easier to open and close, and ensure a streamlined look. Before adjusting kitchen cabinet hinges, begin by checking to make sure that the mounting screws are secure. Then, by using a screwdriver to turn the adjustment screw in the cabinet hinges, the door will be aligned vertically, horizontally or tilted out, or in,  when compared to the sides of the cabinet frame. If you've done the above and it still doesn't work, It's about time to replace your old, broken hinges with high-quality concealed hinges. 

How do you maintain drawers?

  • Drawers are one of the most used parts of your cabinetry.  They are made of a wooden box called a drawer box and the slides attached to the side of the cabinet box to make the drawer are easily to to slide in and out along the track.  But these tracks can become embedded with crumbs, dirt and dust leads to the drawer may stick or stutter when opened. It is important to keep your drawer slides free of dirt and dust.
  • To maintain your drawer, remove the drawer box from your cabinet first.  Remove the contents of your drawer, then, squeeze the drawer clips, slowly pull the drawer forward to release the drawer from the drawer slide.  After that, sweep the debris out of the drawer with a rag, Wipe down both sides of the slide track in the sides of the cabinet or drawer. Apply the lubricant on the slides and Clean up any excess lubricant if needed. Finally, put the drawer back of the cabinet,  and open/close it to ensure the lubricant is covering the whole area and working properly.

If the hardwares such as hinges, drawer slides are used for a long time, they are rusted or don’t work when you do all the maintain jobs, It's time to replace them. Buy them at our store, website or contact us via a hotline for advice.


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