Cabinet Knob Placement

Cabinet hardware is a finishing touch that elevates a room from so-so to stunning. Cabinet knob placement is important for more than aesthetics because proper placement is necessary for the function. Learn all about cabinet knob placement, so you can get your room’s look just right! Kitchen cabinet knob placement has been knobs for cabinet doors and pulls for drawers.

  • For upper cabinets: Cabinet knobs should be installed on the stile opposite the hinges and in the bottom corners of the door. The most functional and aesthetically pleasing place to install knobs on cabinet doors is anywhere between 1 Inch and 4 inch from the bottom edge of the door.
  • For lower cabinets: It will be the opposite – the top screw will be about 1 inch to 4 inch from the top edge corner of the door. Pulls should be installed on the stiles of the doors, so adjust your measurements if they’re falling on the rails or panels.
  • For the cabinet drawers: Knobs should be centered on cabinet drawers. Typically, knobs are centered both horizontally and vertically, so they will end up being installed in the center of the panel. For extra deep drawers, you may install knobs centered in the top third of the drawer or on the top rail if you prefer. 

Knowing the design rules for cabinet knob placement will help you create stunning spaces in your home. Visit our website at for more details of cabinet knobs and contact us via a hotline 1800 6943 for advice.

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