How to Choose Flap Stays?

Flap stay is exactly the right solution for upwardly opening flap doors  in wall units, tall units or above the refrigerator. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the right cabinet flap stays.


  • Cabinet Dimension: Depending on the width and the height of the cabinet, you will determine the number of flap stays that need to be installed. Normally, for small sized cabinets with the height from 350mm to 450mm, the width from 500mm to 600mm, they require only 1 flap stay to install. While the large cabinets with the height from 500mm to  700mm and the width from 600mm or more, they require 2 flap stays needed to install to ensure the operation.
  • Load Bearing: Flap Stay keeps flap open in the horizontal position so that can be used as a shelf. Depending on the material and dimension of the cabinet, you can choose the right flap stay with the appropriate load capacity. The flap stays on the market nowadays have load bearing capacity from 2,5 kgs.
  • Opening Angle of the Flap Stays: The flap stays have limited opening angles of 75 degrees, 90 degrees, 100 degrees or freely opening angles. Depending on the needs, you can choose the cabinet with the appropriate opening angle. But the flap stays with a freely opening angle are more convenient because the user can stop the cabinet door at any angle to access the contents inside. 

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