Choose kitchen cabinet handles for industrial stype

Industrial style is a style that evolved in the early 20th century. Industrial interior design is raw, almost unfinished, providing a casual atmosphere that's relaxing to live in. Follow that, an industrial kitchen uses color like white, black, and add cold colors like gray, light blue... and always uses a lot of materials made of steel, wood. It is an open space with plenty of light. Modern frameless cabinets with flat doors, made of dark natural wood are often chosen for industrial kitchens. 

To choose a suitable kitchen cabinet for this style, you need to pay attention to the following notes:
Cabinet handles design: To ensure harmony with the rawness of the kitchen cabinet, you can choose a simple handle, flat design with square edges. This design helps to focus on the raw qualities of wood, often with an emphasis on wood grain, a distressed look. It works very well with kitchen cabinet that has a horizontal wood grain or extended compartments.
Color and material: you should look for the handles which is plated with dark colors, or made of stainless steel or zinc alloy. That is a great choice for dark colored wood cabinets.
With the unique and neat, the industrial style has become familiar in interior design in particular. The design of an industrial-style kitchen not only contributes to the highlight of the living space, but also brings interesting experiences to the housewives.

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