Plating Methods of Ivan's Cabinet Hinges

Electroplating can offer a number of important features and benefits that can improve the quality and enhance the competitive position of IVAN cabinet hinges in the marketplace. Find out more details through this article.

    • Benefits of plating: Plating extends the life of a hinge both functionally and aesthetically. It provides rust and corrosion resistance to parts or components, protecting them against chemicals. Plating add durability and prevent wearing of cabinet hinge parts, prevent seizing, and reduce maintenance. Plated parts can last longer and need to be replaced less frequently.
    • Plating methods: IVAN’s cabinet hinges are plated by nickel electroplating method. It is a process by which metal ions migrate via a solution from a positive electrode to a negative one. The most popular electrolyte for Nickel plating is the Watts bath, which contains Nickel sulfate, chloride, and boric acid, as a buffering agent, organic brighteners.
    • Plating process: The plating process is carried out through several steps. The first step is metal finish pretreatment, include stripping, polishing, etc. The use of solvents, abrasive materials, alkaline cleaners, acid etch, water, or a combination can be used. Set up the plating station is the next step, by preparing a rectifier and other materials include a tank (or barrel), a cathode, and anode, and a proper plating solution. After all preparation steps, the parts will be put in the plating bath. As soon as the electrical current turns on, the deposition process begins. The different variables include voltage levels, temperatures, immersion times, will result different thickness plated finish. After plated, the parts will be conducted post-treatment cleaning and finishing control to finish the plating process.

    A sufficient coating thickness is likely to increase hardness and strength to the surface of products. That's the main reason why IVAN's cabinet hinges are qualified and operate stably. Visit for more details and contact us via a hotline 18006943 for advice. 


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