Useful Information about Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen is often considered the most important room inside of your home. It provides a place where you can create fuel and where your entire family gathers on a regular basis. Due to the importance of the kitchen, it is critical to ensure the best possible cabinets for your kitchen space. This information helps you understand everything about kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet components: Each cabinet includes cabinet frame, the cabinet doors or drawers and the hardwares. Cabinet frame which is made by assembling the wood panels together, has the role of supports weight of countertop and items on its shelves. About hardwares, hinges are used to mount the doors to the frame and the cabinet slides supports the movement of drawer in the cabinets; cabinet pulls, knobs unify and enhance the overall look of the kitchen. There are some storage accessories such as Plain and corner baskets, Cutlery baskets, Spice Drawer basket,…  There are three main types of cabinets: base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets and kitchen island.  Please refer to the standard kitchen cabinet dimensions here:

The materials:
Choices are aplenty when it comes to cabinet materials. Kitchen cabinets can be made of natural woods such as oak, walnut,… or made of industrial woods such as MDF, MFC, HDF or plywood… Kitchen cabinets are also made of metals such as aluminum or stainless steel or plastics such as composite, PVC, Picomat, Acrylic, Laminate or melamine. Today, industrial wood or plastic kitchen cabinets are commonly used, which is very suitable for modern homes. Natural wood kitchen cabinets are often preferred because of their durability, elegance and ability to style the cabinets.

Shape styles: There are 4 common shape styles of kitchen cabinet: I, II, L, U. The design of I-shaped kitchen cabinet is simple, clear and space-saving.  L-shaped cabinet, in fact, on the basis of a zigzag cabinet, there is an additional corner part. A II-shaped cabinet, also known as a corridor kitchen, establishes two rows of work and storage areas along two opposite walls. Generally speaking, I-shaped and L-shaped kitchens are more suitable for kitchens with an area of 4 to 6 square meters, while the remaining II-shaped, U-shaped and island-shaped kitchens are suitable for larger areas. 

Kitchens are often required to house a broad array of items. It can be incredibly difficult to cook efficiently when your kitchen is cluttered and disorganized. Kitchen cabinets will improve organization,  and ultimately maintain a far better appearance than a cluttered kitchen area. With adequate cabinet space, your works in the kitchen will be far more efficient. Beautifully cabinets can transform the entire appearance of your kitchen. 

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