Cabinet hinges

Difference in types of cabinet hinges

Cabinet hinges are an accessory that helps to connect the cupboard door and the panel of the kitchen cabinets. This is an important mandatory accessory when you build a kitchen cabinet. There are many types of cabinet hinges, therefore one thing to consider when selecting the right cabinet hardware is the type of cabinet you have. The following information provided by IVAN will help you distinguish the types of cabinet hinges.

Full overlay concealed hinge: have a straight arm as you look at it, whilst it allows the cupboard door edge to be completely in line with the edge of the cabinet. The hinge does not have a bend.

Half overlay concealed hinge: allows for a door to be mounted on either side of a central carcass panel and allows the cupboard door edge to cover half the side panel. The high of hinge bend is 9mm.

Inset concealed hinge: When installed, the hinge allows the cupboard door does not cover the side panel, but to be set inside. It is used for kitchen cabinets closed to the wall, so when opened, the kitchen cabinet door will not hit the wall.

The high of hinge bend is 12mm. Made from nickel-plated steel, with streamlined design, IVAN’s cabinet hinges can easily be installed by user to make smoothly moving when opening/closing the cupboard.

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