How IVAN's concealed cabinet hinges are made?

The cabinet hinges are used in kitchen cabinets and other interior cabinets such as wardrobes, office cabinets. IVAN’s cabinet hinges are favored by furniture factories and consumed in large quantity every month because of these stable quality. The manufacturing process of IVAN’s cabinet hinges is as follows: 
Deformation process: the steel foil is put in an automatic line of forging - cutting die to produce the body, cover plate, cup plate, mounting plate. After leaving die, the finished products will be formed completely. Other small details are also produced by this process.
Plating: electroplating improves a wide range of characteristics not inherently present in the base material include increasing resistance to corrosion, improving ductility and surface. Spare parts of concealed hinges are put into a nickel plating bath. Through the chemical reaction, the nickel in the rod is dissolved into the solution and then the oxidized nickel is attracted to the base material, and subsequently coats the product.
Assembling: The final assembly uses a combination of semi-automatic production and manual auxiliary production at the same time, divides the assembly positions into dozens of positions, makes the assembly more reasonable and improves the assembly quality. The motion supporting parts inside the hinge body are first connected together by using the machine to fix the screws, then linked to the hinge body. Next, the results will be connected to the cup and the cover plate by screws. Finally, the mounting plate is assembled into its.
Product quality inspection and packaging: During mass production, quality inspectors will check the appearance and function of the assembled cabinet hinges and various spare parts to ensure that each factory-made cabinet hinge can be used normally and stably. Low quality products are discarded while quality products are packaged for release.

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