What is the manufacturing process of a IVAN's ball bearing slides?

You can’t use a drawer in the piece of furniture smoothly without using drawer slides. Drawer slides plays an important role when building dressers, chest of drawers, nightstands and kitchen cabinets. IVAN’s ball bearing slides are consumed in a large quantity by the factory because of its stable quality. The manufacturing process of IVAN ball bearing slides goes through the following stages:

  • Stage 1 - Roll Forming: This stage is carried out on an automatic industrial machine line that precisely programmed by a computer. First, the steel coil is discharged and put into the roll forming machine to straighten, deform and cut-off the drawer slides. Then, the slide is passed through the press for punching holes. While the steel balls are made by casting metal in a die with high pressure to form a shape and then polished to create a smooth surface.
  • Stage – 2: Plating: Drawer slides are hung on and put into an electroplating bath to improve surface and the resistance to corrosion. Through the chemical reaction, the nickel ion is released and dissolved into the solution and then attracted to the base material, and subsequently coats the product. 
  • Stage 3 – Assembling: The final assembly uses a combination of semi-automatic production and manual auxiliary production at the same time. Assembly ball cage, steel balls, middle rail, and dispenses grease on middle rail first, then insert plug at the end of middle rail and assemble plastic strips and middle rail with outer rails. Finally, Insert plastic plug on the bent end piece of outer rail. After products are out of the machine, the worker will test in hand the smoothness of the completed products. 
  • Stage 4 – Product quality inspection: Ball bearing slides will undergo the salt test on steel surfaces and function test - the number of opening/closing times to ensure the standards before being shipped.
  • Stage 5 – Packing: Qualified products will be packaged and shipped. 

Find out more information about IVAN’s drawer slides in our website https://ivanhardware.com/en-US/products/drawer-slides and contact us for more advice.  


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